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Slave Flash Solutions for Digital Cameras

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Deluxe 2000

Deluxe 3000



The dual mode model DSF-1s features a switch for selectable firing on mode 1 or 2. This adds flexibility and can also be used with digital and conventional cameras that don't use a pre-flash The Digi-Slave Deluxe 2000 is specially designed for use with digital cameras. It features  built in slave circuitry. It also features a zoom head which allows a narrower beam - perfect for use with zoom cameras. Four power levels ensure control over light output under all conditions. Versions available for all digital cameras. The Digi-Slave Deluxe 3000 is engineered to be powerful yet affordable! This is a sturdy unit and has a powerful guide number of 110,  selectable firing, built in digital slave circuitry, a bounce zoom head for bounce lighting. This is a great flash! Three power levels allow excellent control over light output. Works with all digital camera models! The Digi-Slave PRO is engineered with the pro in mind! It's built like a battle ship and has all the features we offer -  selectable firing, built in digital slave circuitry,
a bounce zoom head for bounce lighting, a massive guide number of 120, this is one powerful flash! Eight power levels allow unparalleled control over light output under any conceivable condition. Works with all digital camera models!
The Digi-Slave RF-50 Slave Ring flash is perfect for digital macro photography.
It has slave circuitry built in thus no connection to the camera is required. The unit simply threads on to the front of the camera. Perfect for dental or catalog photography when used with a close-up lens set. 
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Camera Brackets, Table top Tripod, Close-up lens set.

Accessories to complement the Digi-Slave line of products include: two models of camera bracket: a basic model and a deluxe model with a comfort hand grip, a handy table top tripod for steadying macro shots, and a close-up lens set featuring three lenses: +1,+2,and +4 which can be combined to form a +7 close-up lens - works great with the RF-50 Ring Flash for macro work (step-up ring for Oly D600L included).


What are Slave Flash Products for Digital Cameras and Why are They Needed?

Digital cameras such as the popular Olympus line and others usually have an inadequate built in flash and lack any facility to use an external flash. Standard slave flash units will not work with most digital cameras because these cameras use a very rapid series of pre-flashes (we're not talking about red-eye reduction). The pre-flashes are used to set the white balance of the camera's CCD chip - not the exposure. A typical slave unit will fire on the first pre-flash it senses while the digital camera captures the image on the last flash. Thus the extra light from the slave does not show up in the digital camera photo.

Our slave flash units are specially designed to fire on the correct flash sensed by their built in optical sensor and circuitry, thus solving the digital camera flash problem. The Digi-Slave PRO, the Deluxe 3000, and the dual mode DSF-1s feature a switch on the back which allows the user to select between the two different triggering modes used by different digital camera models. This allows them to be used with any camera on the market.  The new RF-50 Ring Flash has built in digital slave circuitry and needs only to be screwed on to the lens threads of your camera (specify camera when ordering). It's great for shadow free macro work such as dental and catalog photography. And since our slave flash products have built in digital slave circuitry, no electrical connection to the camera is required.

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Using an Olympus D600L, the first photo was taken with no flash, the second with camera only flash, and third with the DSF-1 added.

Digi-Slave PRO Deluxe Slave Flash Professional model $249.95 cfpric5.jpg (1129 bytes)
Digi-Slave Deluxe 3000 Deluxe Slave Flash for Digital Cameras $149.05 cfpric5.jpg (1129 bytes)
Digi-Slave Deluxe 2000* Deluxe Slave Flash for Digital Cameras with Zoom Head $119.95 cfpric5.jpg (1129 bytes)
Digi-Slave RF-50 Digital Slave Ring Flash for Macro Photography $249.95 cfpric5.jpg (1129 bytes)
Digi-Slave DSF-1s Slave Flash with Selectable firing on 1 or 2 flashes $99.95 cfpric5.jpg (1129 bytes)
Digi-Slave SA-10 Stand Alone Slave Trigger for Digital Cameras $79.95 cfpric5.jpg (1129 bytes)
DL-03088 Deluxe Camera Bracket with Comfort Grip $19.95 cfpric5.jpg (1129 bytes)
DL-0907 Table Top Tripod $15.95 cfpric5.jpg (1129 bytes)
RT5253NW Adapter for RF50 to Nikon 5700 $29.95 cfpric5.jpg (1129 bytes)


* Compatibility



Nikon CP 900 series Olympus
Kodak AGFA
Sony Epson
Ricoh Nikon CP 700 & 800
Fuji Canon
Casio Polaroid
Hewlett-Packard Panasonic PV-SD4090
  Toshiba TDR-M60
Pentax E1-200




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