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Microdrive Overview

High-capacity, high-performance removable storage with capacities of 340, 512MB and 1GB !

  • Break traditional capacity barriers for handheld electronic devices.
  • High performance, low power consumption, and reliability in a compact physical package.
  • Cost-effective storage solutions for products with revolutionary features and functions.
  • Uses an industry-standard interface and form factor to accelerate new product design and innovation.


  • Provides high-capacity, high-performance removable storage ranging from 340 MB to 1 GB in a one-inch hard disk drive
  • Integrates with a variety of handheld devices through use of the industry- standard CF+** Type II format and compatibility with PCMCIA Type II (with an adapter)
  • Provides reliable storage for digital cameras, handheld PCs, digital audio players, laptops, and other portable handheld devices
  • Incorporates leading-edge technologies such as giant magnetoresistive (GMR) head technology, load/unload features, Enhanced Adaptive Battery Life Extender* 3.0, and TrueTrack* servo for maximum capacity, performance, and reliability

New applications for high-capacity, compact storage

The Microdrive provides breakthrough storage capacity for portable electronic devices in an industry-standard CF+ Type II form factor. This capacity enables users of digital cameras to capture more high-resolution photos without having to frequently download data. In addition, handheld PC users can access more applications and maintain large databases, while notebook users can back up and transport their data more quickly and conveniently.

Increased capacity, portability, and value

With capacities ranging from 340 MB to 1 GB on a single hard disk drive, the IBM family of Microdrives provides high-capacity, cost-effective personal storage. Weighing only 16 grams, the IBM Microdrive provides outstanding capacity in a compact, portable package-a key requirement for today's handheld devices.

Higher performance, improved productivity

With a maximum sustained data rate exceeding 4 MB/sec, the Microdrive provides a significant performance improvement over current flash memory. As a result, large files can be transferred very quickly, and users can be much more productive.

Microdrive Travel Kits

info on kits

340MB IBM Retail Package
includes:  PCMCIA adapter
$59.99 order your IBM Microdrive

Retail Packaging
includes:  PCMCIA adapter


Hitachi White Box
includes:  PCMCIA adapter

1GB Bonus Package

Hitachi Microdrive
PCMCIA adapter and case, (case will hold two CF cards and adapter)

Protect your cards with Media Vault storage case click here

Deluxe Kits

info on kits

340MB includes: IBM microdrive, PCMCIA adapter, USB CameraMate reader
1GB includes: Hitachi microdrive, PCMCIA adapter, USB CameraMate reader
Media Vault Kits

info on kits


includes: Hitachi microdrive, PCMCIA adapter, Media Vault protective case

Road Warrior Kits

info on kits

340MB includes: IBM microdrive, USB Zio CF reader
1 GB includes: Hitachi microdrive, USB Zio CF reader
IBM Microdrives
per case

Quantity Pricing!

1GB 1GB Hitachi
Retail Packaged
20 per/case
340MB Retail  Travel kit 20 per/case $1400.00 e-mail

CF type II to PCMCIA Adapter


Connect your IBM Microdrive to any PCMCIA slot

$6.99 order your IBM Microdrive

*IBM has discontinued manuacturing the 340 MB Microdrive. 
We purchased a closeout of IBM's inventory and are offering them at deeply discounted rates.  These 340Mb drives are the newer DSCM-10340 IBM Product Code.




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